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Plush faces imminent venue closure

The future is uncertain for the popular LGBTQ+ venue

The Plush Lounge is set to be evicted from their current location on Park End Street, Cherwell can reveal, with staff in a battle to find a new home for the nightclub.

A spokesperson for the nightclub told Cherwell: “For some time, we have been in discussion with Nuffield College who own the building concerning the redevelopment of the site.

“Nuffield College and their agents have been extremely supportive in sourcing an alternative central Oxford location. Plush are completely committed to providing an ongoing safe space for the LGBTQ+ community within central Oxford.

“Discussions are currently ongoing, and we are very confident that we will be able to release some exciting news in the next few weeks.”

Privately owned and operated, Plush has been occupying their current site at 27 Park End Street, widely known as the Jam Factory, since 2010.

The LGBTQ+ venue is open Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Plush added: “The club was founded to provide a safe atmosphere predominantly for the LGBTQ+ community, whilst welcoming all patrons who share our values and respect our culture.

“The club has established itself as a leader in the provision of high quality entertainment at
affordable prices in Oxford, and is recognised as a destination of choice.”
Nuffield College also owns the property occupied by The Bridge and – until its closure in July 2016 – by Wahoo nightclub.

The latter closed after a multi-million pound deal between Nuffield and Christ Church led to the site being renovated to become what is now the Oxford Foundry.

Former Somerville entz rep and Plush superfan, Mo Iman, told Cherwell: “Plush, as Oxford’s premier LGBT+ nightclub, provided a safe space for a community that is generally mistreated at traditional venues.

“It is sad news to hear that it will not be at the Jam Factory but hopefully it will return with the same friendly staff and inclusivity that both town and gown have enjoyed.”

Nuffield College have not responded to a request for comment.

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