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Hundreds turn out for Oxford Pride

A brightly-coloured crowd filled the streets of Oxford today, as the Pride Parade wound through the city centre.

For some it was a display of love, while for other participants it was a political message.

True to its origins with the Stonewall Riots in late 1960s America, the parade featured flags and banners with various political messages.

These included placards from major political parties, along with Wadham’s Red Flag, which commemorates certain movements through the years and features phrases like “End Apartheid!”

Also represented were several charities, including blood drives and Cancer Research UK.

The parade began at the Radcliffe Camera where a large crowd prepared flags, placards, and bandanas. Participants started on their way at around noon, walking from Radcliffe Square to Broad Street, up Cornmarket, and towards the castle quarter.

The parade ended near Oxford castle, where the True Colours concert offered drag numbers, choral singing, and grunge music.

Near the concert were plenty of booths with Pride memorabilia and flyers for pro-LGBTQ+, political, or charity organisations.

Every major political party had a booth except for the Conservatives, according to a Labour staffer.

Esther and Nicole, two young women from Bristol, told Cherwell that they came to Oxford just for the parade.

Esther said: “We want to show our love and appreciation.”

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