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New College RONs JCR President

After two rounds of elections, Kendya Goodman was finally elected JCR president for next year.

New College JCR was forced to re-open nominations (RON) in elections for both the JCR president and the Entz team, despite both elections being contested.

The election for JCR president was contested by three students, while the Entz position was contested by two.

After two rounds of elections, Kendya Goodman was finally elected JCR President for next year. Goodman told Cherwell: “As one of four members of ACS who have just been elected as JCR Presidents, I look forward to really making a difference, especially in the context of the release of annual report of admissions statistics.

“I asked New College JCR to trust me to help make New College a stronger and more welcoming community, where the diversity of its members is celebrated. I cannot wait
to get started.”

Charlotte Bream and Michael Nestor were elected as Entz reps after two elections, the first of which RONed by a margin of 122 votes.

New College’s current JCR President, Conleth Burns, told Cherwell: “Nominations for two of our committee positions were re-opened on the first round of election this year. Those
officerships have been duly filled in subsequent elections.

“Kendya was elected my successor after deciding to re-run in the second round of Presidential elections. This courage, perseverance and resilience exemplifies the very best of New College and will serve her (and New College JCR) well, as she takes on the
role of JCR President.”

An earlier version of this article claimed that Goodman was elected as JCR President after three rounds of elections, rather than two. It has been updated accordingly.

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