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    Café circuit: Taylor’s

    Why I keep coming back to Taylor's

    Picture this– you’re in the library; your eyes are struggling to stay open; you’re craving some comfort food; it’s probably raining outside (or snowing #March2018).

    There is only one thing that can save me from this reoccurring nightmare and that is Taylor’s. Any Oxford student well-acquainted with the local eateries is no stranger to this independent, family-owned sandwich and deli company.

    With six branches across Oxford, Taylor’s is practically the cafe-equivalent of the dreaming spires – an iconic feature of the city landscape.

    Not only are their sandwiches delicious – whether you choose a ready made flatbread or you build your own – but their branches even give you the option of building your own salad box if you fancy a lighter option.

    They always have a mouth-watering range of desserts on display, often triggering a swift reversal of the half-hearted attempt to be healthy with ‘only a salad box.’

    The best branches of Taylor’s, however, are the ones that include Fasta Pasta and their Covered Market shop is a personal favourite for this. You can choose whether you prefer penne or fusilli and then choose the sauce that you want to go with it– from pesto to arrabbiata to bolognaise.

    Ask for them to add (lots of) cheese, and soon you’ll have a warm takeaway pot of your personalised pasta. The absolutely perfect way to cheer you up during those essay crises or out-of-season snowstorms.

    Yet what really keeps me coming back to Taylor’s is buying a hot drink after 14.00, any day of the week. If you’re as addicted to coffee as I am, this is the perfect way to get a quick caffeine top-up to return to the library– mostly because it is from this time that you get a free cookie to go with it. If you’re lucky enough to coincide with a warm cookie, you will experience the truly best kind of library break to cheer you up from any stressful moment in your Oxford career.

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