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‘Unacceptable’ students damage St Peter’s JCR

The College’s dean said the incident caused a scout “considerable personal distress”

Ryan Gould
Ryan Gould
Ryan is a news editor for Trinity Term 2018. He is studying for a Masters degree in English literature.

Students at the St Peter’s College finalists’ bop on Thursday caused £594 of damage to the ceiling of the JCR.

In an email sent to all St Peter’s undergraduates, Dr Roger Allen, the College’s dean, said the “state of the room on Friday morning caused the scout who looks after the space considerable personal distress.”

“This is a serious matter which requires a robust response,” he added.

Circumstances surrounding the incident remain unclear. One St Peter’s student, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “The bop was particularly busy due to it being [the] finalists’ bop so turnout was strong.

“I didn’t spend enough time in the JCR (the main bop venue) to comment on exactly what caused this level of destruction but I imagine it happened during the usual crowd surfing and getting on each others shoulders [sic] and chanting ‘Angels’ part of the affair.”

Students at the bop caused £594 of damage

The College arranged for immediate repairs to the ceiling to be carried out on Friday morning. The “full sum will be charged in full” to the JCR.

“Such treatment by the JCR of the recently refurbished living space provided and maintained by the College is unsustainable and unacceptable,” Dr Allen wrote.

St Peter’s College and JCR officers did not reply to Cherwell’s requests for comment.

The news follows several anonymous posters on ‘Oxlove’ and ‘Oxfess’ alluding to rowdiness at other college bops.

One post read: “Exeter Final Bop. Fuck me what an evening. So much love. So much skin.”

Another claimed: “I think the bass from Magdalen bops may have given me heart arrhythmia.”

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