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Oxford ranked sixth best in the world in new university rankings

Oxford has been ranked the sixth best university in the world, and the second in the UK behind Cambridge.

The QS global ranking also placed the University first in the world for Geography, English Language and Literature, Archaeology, Anatomy, and Physiology, and the broader subject area of Arts and Humanities. It also placed Oxford eighth for graduate employability.

The Head of the School of Geography and the Environment, Professor Heather Viles, told

Cherwell: “As Head of School, I am delighted that we have maintained our position as top geography department in the QS global rankings.

“We are a large, vibrant andcaring department with excellent undergraduate and graduate students and incredible, highly supportive staff.

“We work hard to provide the very best teaching and to facilitate world-class research and scholarship.

“We hope that maintaining our position in these rankings will help us to continue to attract the best students and faculty.”

Co-Presidents of the Oxford Archaeology Society told Cherwell: “Archaeology is a fantastic degree to study at Oxford. It’s also highly enjoyable for other students or associated disciplines too.

“For our society, we’ve seen many people come to our lectures and our talks who don’t necessarily study the academic discipline but are interested in what it entails and its importance to present policy issues and research questions.

“On the whole, however, it is no surprise that archaeology at Oxford has been placed at the higher end of the table.

“With dedicated staff, a fantastic institute conducting research and enthusiastic students, the discipline continues to thrive.”

The President of the English Society said: “I’m very pleased to see that Oxford’s English teaching has been ranked number one in the world, and I can see why.

“I think the historic literary culture of Oxford has a lot to dowith the prestige of the University’s English Faculty, but also the sheer quality of academia that has come from (and still continues to come from) this institution is incredibly unique.”

However, some Oxford faculties fared worse in the rankings. Art and Design, formerly ranked eleventh in the world, dropped to thirty-sixth, while Engineering dropped from thirteenth to sixteenth.

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