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Eggseter College cracks world record

183 Exeter students and staff simultaneously dipped toast soldiers into eggs

Exeter College broke a Guinness World Record last week by having the most people ever to simultaneously dip toast soldiers in eggs.

The record was cracked in the hall at Exeter at 8.30am last Friday. 183 people, including staff, fellows and some students, sat down to jointly dip more soliders in eggs than ever before.

The attempt beat a previous record of 178. All participants had two toasted soldiers, which they had to dip twice each in the soft boiled eggs before eating them.

Dr Barnaby Taylor, the college’s sub-rector, counted down to the dunking, which was overseen by officials from the Guinness Book of World Records.

The event was organised with the British Egg Industry Council to celebrate British Egg Week and World Egg day, which fell on Friday 13 October.

A representative of the BEIC told Cherwell: “We wanted to commemorate the occasion in a very British location, so where better than Oxford University.

“We selected Exeter college, in part for the stunning dining room and helpful staff who were willing to accommodate us, but also for the opportunity for another egg pun – Eggseter!”

Exeter first-year Harry Anderton said: “It was strange how precise it had to be.”

Another Exeter student, Kate McDermott, commented: “After struggling with the Norrington for a fair few years, this is exactly the kind of formal recognition the College deserves. Floreat Eggson.”

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