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Christ Church bids au revoir to post-bop drunkenness

The college used post-bop croissants to sober up students

Up to 100 croissants were handed out free to Christ Church College students at the end of their freshers bop last week, with the aim of reducing drunkenness.

The distribution of pastries was one of several measures undertaken by the college stewards in an attempt to mitigate intoxication, after one Christ Church student fell out of a window at a Trinity term bop.

Security was also tightened at the college’s gates during the first bop of term, and restrictions on guest students from outside Christ Church were increased.

A spokesperson from the college told Cherwell: “As far as the croissants were concerned, these proved very popular with our students at the summer ball, and we were delighted to offer them again at the end of the evening.”

Christ Church JCR Entz rep, Jason Pilsbury, told Cherwell he was “glad to hear that some people enjoyed it.”

Speaking about the initiative, he said: “It will have helped some people but not others. It probably helped more people in avoiding the treacherous journey to Hassan’s.”

Ella Thomas, a first year Christ Church student, told Cherwell: “It was buttery and delicious… someone fed it to me.”

A Christ Church student commented: “There was a lovely array of French patisserie that we enjoyed at our bop.

“It helped to soak up the Bollinger that I consumed in copious quantities. It was the best bit of a quality night”.

The introduction of croissants and additional security measures comes after a series of drunken incidents at a Christ Church bop in Trinity term. These were allegedly inspired by the playing of Robbie Williams’ hit song ‘Angels’.

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