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Edinburgh Fringe: In the Pink preview

Thomas Athey looks ahead to Oxford's acapella efforts at the Edinburgh Fringe

Given the numerous similarities between Hogwarts and Oxford, it was only a matter of time before an Oxford society fully embraced the similarities. And this is exactly what all female acapella group In the Pink, made up of students from both Oxford and Oxford Brookes universities, has done. Rehearsing in preparation for their twelfth successive appearance at the Edinburgh Fringe, and hot on the heels of a resounding success in making it to the semi-finals of this year’s Voice Festival UK, In the Pink are hoping that their next show will be their best yet.

The premise of the show is strong. Seeking to ‘find the music in everyday life’, the show attempts to recast every day student situations with a musical and magical twist. And they mean all student situations, promising to recast student life ‘from the library to the nightclub’. The talent on show is nothing short of remarkable too. Acapella is difficult to pull of successfully, but there are no missteps here and audiences will be left impressed with the variety and range of compositions.

Beyond the musical talent however, the group also have a strong commitment to advancing female empowerment. This has always been evident in the group’s confident performances, but this year has been taken a step forward by partnering with Oxford Against Cutting. This is a local charity that aims to prevent female genital mutilation in and around the city, and not only has In the Pink agreed to continue fundraising and raising awareness while at the fringe, they have also committed to donating half their profits to the charity. As such they are currently running a crowdfunding campaign to cover travel costs, in order to maximise profits.

In the Pink will be at the Edinburgh Fringe between between 14 and 19 August.

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