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OxFilm: An exciting summer lined up

Calum Bradshaw celebrates an excellent term for student film, and looks forward to a busy vacation

It’s been a great term for student film in Oxford. From both newcomers and veteran filmmakers, the quality and range of content on show has been truly impressive. A mixture of styles, skills, and genres have been showcased—for the best of the term, give This, Where’s Johnny, and Yellow Grass a watch.

As the term winds down, Oxford student film winds up for the summer. A host of projects are getting underway during the vacation, including a 24-hour filmmaking challenge and a new OUFF contest. This competition is for short films under five minutes in length, centering on ideas of home for the students of Oxford who divide their time between uni and elsewhere.

Documentary is an often neglected genre in the student scene, so the possibility for a non- fiction film to be entered is an exciting one. The winner will be screened in Michaelmas—I, and all at Cherwell, will be watching closely.

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