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Pembroke appoints first-ever meme reps

Memes to encourage “college spirit” and “boost morale”

Pembroke College has passed a motion to add the role of meme rep to the JCR committee.

The meme rep will create and run a Facebook page called ‘Memebroke’, posting weekly memes and providing memes for bops and other college events. The motion, proposed by Freshers Rebeccah Williams and Hazel Ellender, noted: “College spirit and memes are both highly important, and particularly difficult to promote.

“The addition of recognised meme reps will encourage both of these simultaneously. Meme reps will be a valuable and cherished extension to the Pembroke community.” Williams told Cherwell, “Hazel and I decided to introduce the position of meme reps as we thought it would help boost morale around college especially around fifth and sixth week.

“We think it’s important for the college to stay current and that it would help Pembroke preserve its friendly and fun atmosphere. We intend to use the memes to help promote Pembroke events such as bops and also sporting events in which Pembroke are competing such as Torpids.”

An amendment to the motion requires second-year student Francesco Pozzetti to post one of his memes weekly on the JCR Facebook page following the failure of his motion “To officially consider Juventus an immoral and an illegal organisation, and to therefore discourage any member of this college from supporting them”.

Pozzetti told Cherwell: “After an intense thirty minutes debate my motion regarding Juventus mafia in Italian football narrowly failed. My attention turned to the meme motion, and I managed to include an amendment that allows me to inform people about the Juventus mafia by posting a meme once a week on our JCR official Facebook page. Luckily, students still believe in memes as a way to get relief at 2am in the middle of an essay crisis, and so the meme motion passed: Pembroke is proud to be the first college to include a meme rep in its committee.”

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