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    An injection of life and joy in the dark

    Romilly Mavin is energised by Two Door Cinema Club's electrifying performance at Alexandra Palace

    Having not played in London for four years, and returning to play two nights last weekend, the Irish three piece were met with joyous expectation as they walked on stage. They began with the well known and loved ‘Cigarettes in the Theatre’, easing the crowd in and setting the tone for the night, which was filled with the nostalgia of their first album released in 2010.

    Two Door Cinema Club was preceded by Sundara Karma and Circa Waves, both closely comparable to Two Door’s indie-pop sound. Circa Waves presented a heavier element to the line up with the inclusion of recent releases such as ‘Wake Up’ and ‘Fire That Burns’. They were so well received that it almost seemed as though they were the headliners. However, upon the entrance of Two Door the night was undeniably theirs.

    Performing in Alexandra Palace provided the gig with an air of sophistication, reflecting the way the band themselves have become so established within the music culture of the past decade. The huge mirrors that lined the walls intensified the numbers of the crowd and cast light reflections, creating an atmosphere that reached each corner of the venue.

    Although, the ecstatic bunch of teenagers and twenty-somethings making up the crowd were forever anticipating the opening chords of ‘What You Know’, the songs off the new album, Gameshow had the most interesting impact. The disco influence that runs through all the new tracks infected the crowd, forcing everyone to dance. The recent material achieves a difference to the sound that occupies their previous albums, but maintains an atmospheric cheer which enlivens the audience.

    The highlight of the gig for me was when the band played ‘Something Good Can Work’ and I was transported to the slopes of the Austrian Alps where the film Chalet Girl is set and the track is featured. The bouncy track is made for the sunshine and daytime; in the dark of Ally Pally Two Door created this joyfully elated scene.

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