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Spotlight: Sal Para

Natalia Bus is captivated by this Oxford artist's authentic debut effort

Sal Para is the Oxford-based electro-pop artist you should be listening to right now. A deceptively simple, yet catchy beat, quickly joined by ethereal-sounding synths, opens ‘Her’, the first track off Sal Para’s debut and recently released Her EP.

The song builds in sound, adding layer upon layer of synths and a bass that mirrors the resonating, other-worldly vocals which hypnotically assure “When we’re together/ I, I only think of you”. The lyrics seem stuck on a loop, yet sound different with every delivery.

‘Black Sun’, the b-side to Her, is a more abstract effort—when listened to at full volume the synthetic beat, constantly extending and receding, is mind-numbing.

Sal Para is the first singing made by the newly formed Tremor Recordings, an independent electronic music label currently based in Oxford and bringing you local events that fuse music and art like never before.

It is difficult not to get lost in Sal Para’s music: it draws you in with entrancing melodies and mellow beats. Her is intoxicating and filled with a freedom that only comes at the start of a musical career, and a promising one at that.

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