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OUSU condemn Trump presidency

On Wednesday evening, the Oxford University Students’ Union (OUSU) council voted to oppose the policy platform of President-Elect Donald Trump.

The motion to oppose President- Elect Trump was debated for over an hour, and passed with 37 in favour, 11 against, and four abstentions. The official proposition claims that some of the President’s policies during the election campaign of 2016 “represent a grave threat, especially to people of marginalised and disadvantaged… communities.”

Opposition to the motion was wide-ranging but ultimately unsuccessful. Some asked for the Council to wait until the administration was in office enacting policies. Others claimed that the council should not attempt to involve itself in US national politics.

St Anne’s second-year Thomas Zagoria, who proposed the motion to OUSU Council, told Cherwell: “I proposed this motion because, having lived in the US and having friends who are undocu- mented immigrants and from other marginalised groups, I didn’t want Trump’s rhetoric and policies to be normalised and legitimised, which will happen if people don’t actively speak out.

“While I recognise some emphasise respecting the office of the presidency, I also think America especially has a history of change emanating from below, from people standing up for others in their communities through civil disobedience and peaceful pro- test. That history also needs to be respected.”

President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration will take place today at 5pm GMT, a ceremony in Washington followed by inaugural celebrations.

Justin Wang, a first year student at Hertford college told Cherwell: “Whether one accepts it or not, Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States and trying to stymie him is undemocratic. Denouncing a leader before he has even taken office benefits no one. It is best to give him a fair chance, like we would have for Clinton, before we pass judgement.”

This news coincides with ‘Oxford Stand Up to Racism’’s planned protest against Donald Trump today at 5pm.

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