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Oxford Union election results released

Michael Li will become Union President in Trinity 2017

The Oxford Union have announced the results of Michaelmas Term elections 2016. Michael Li, who ran unopposed, will become President in Trinity Term 2017, receiving 822 votes.

The incoming President-Elect told Cherwell, “I’m very much looking forward to being part of one of the strongest and most diverse committees in my time at the Union. I would like to thank everybody for their encouragement and support during this election, and in particular those who took time out to come to the Union on Friday, whoever they chose to vote for”.

The position of Librarian-Elect in Hilary 2017 will be filled by Henry Kitchen, who received 759 votes. Laali Vadlamani will become Treasurer-Elect next term, elected by 827 first preferences. Both ran unopposed and will fill their respective positions in Trinity 2017.

Elected into the office of Secretary for Hilary 2017 is Gui Cavalcanti, with 800 votes.

The five positions in Standing Committee, which all also ran unopposed will be filled next term by Jack Symonds (252 votes), Maan Al-Yasiri (225 votes), Melissa Hinkley (222 votes), Simon Jagoe (187 votes) and Ed Evans (163 votes).

The eleven members elected Secretaries Committee for Hilary 2017 are as follows:

Andrew Ng (155)

Stephen Horvath (116)

Myah Popat (83)

Sabriyah Saeed (73)

Vivien Hasan (70)

Jan Bialas (69)

Redha Rubaie (68)

Minal Haq (67)

Flora Spielman (62)

Kareem Belo-Osagie (61)

Kir Mary West-Hunter (53)

Flora Spielman, elected to Secretaries Committee told Cherwell, “my step count says I walked further on Friday than any other day for years, so at least I got some exercise in. Sorry and thank you to everyone I hacked.”

Zach Klamann, Magdalen second year commented, “there was nothing democratic about this result. So many positions running unopposed is hardly an election.”

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