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Wahoo opens and closes for the last time

Students rush to Wahoo for the last hurrah before club shutters its doors once and for all

Wahoo closed it doors for the final time in the early hours of November 1 after its Fuzzy ducks “The Exorcist” Halloween Special.

The sold out event, held at both Atik and Wahoo, was the last chance for Oxford students to enjoy a night out at the latter, before the site between Park End Street and Hythe Bridge Street is redeveloped.

Queues for Wahoo began at 9.30pm and continued into the early hours of the morning, with the event finishing at 5am.

Shuffle Nights announced on Facebook at the start of August that Wahoo would be closing around the end of this year.

It also appeared to suggest that plans were being formed to provide an alternative Friday night venue.

Wahoo originally joined the Oxford nightlife scene over six years ago in April 2010.

The description on the event invited “everyone who has ever played a part in this incredible journey to join us for this Halloween spectacular to celebrate the end of an era” and offered prizes for the best dressed.

Third year medic Richard Griffith commented, “This is a very melancholic evening. To have seen Wahoo through this far, it’s nice to be able to end like this. I have enjoyed many a night out in these four walls. However, I think like everything it’ll be replaced and forgotten.”

Jack Harrison, a Pembroke undergraduate, added, “I’m disappointed that an establishment where I have made so many memories has to close, but all good things must come to an end.”

Carl Gergs, a finalist at Pembroke who joined the queue at 12.30am, commented, “I would have loved to have set foot in Wahoo one last time, but alas it was not to be. Our tickets did not guarantee entry as we arrived late and so despite our best efforts, the queue was too long and we didn’t make it in.”

Wahoo Oxford has been contacted for comment.

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