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Jamie Vardy made honorary member of Brasenose JCR

The JCR voted to invite the Leicester star to run for Ball President

Jamie Vardy was made an honorary member of Brasenose JCR this week. He has also been invited to run for the position of Ball President.

The JCR motion noted that, “Jamie is the man who climbed the ladder from non-league football to the Premier League, is now currently the league’s top scorer and on current form is the most dangerous player around. His pace gives defenders nightmares and he is pulling goals and assists out of his backside.”

“Jamie loves to throw a party; if the position of Ball President hasn’t been filled by Sunday then I am sure he would love to run for it.”

“Jamie Vardy has scored more Premier League goals this season than Cristiano Ronaldo”.

The proposer, James Scoon, told the JCR, “Leicester’s number 9 scored 24 goals this year…He has scored more premier league goals than Lionel Messi. Jamie Vardy is very good at throwing parties. We would be idiots to let this one pass.” Lionel Messi has never scored in the Premier League because he has never played in it.

A member of the JCR criticised the motion: “There is no point to this” to which Scoon replied, “That is a fair comment.”

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