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The 162nd Varsity Boat Race: Live Blog

5:10 That’s it from us today. Thank you for tuning in; we hope you enjoyed our coverage. It’s been a bittersweet day for the dark blues, with a disappointing loss for the men but a fantastic victory for the women. Cambridge, we’ll see you again next year.

4:40 The BBC asks Morgan Gerlak, the Oxford men’s captain, “Is this the end of an era?”

“Absoltuely not,” he responds.

4:38 Who exactly does Stan Louloudis think he is? Outrageous stuff from the former OUBC President.


4:31 Cambridge have won the men’s race.

4:29 Oxford may have won in 2013, 2014, and 2015, but Cambridge have got the victory this time.

4:25 Cambridge’s cox looks behind him to see Oxford pushing hard about two lengths behind them. One kilometre to go.

4:21 Both crews fighting choppy waters, Cambridge still a length ahead.

4:18 Oxford putting pressure on the Tabs around the bend and looking more relaxed. How will these crews face up to the the bad conditions?

4:16 Both crews approach the mile post, Cambridge ahead but rowing at 34 strokes per minute, Oxford at 35.

4:11 And the men are off!

4:05 Our man on the ground at the finish line is unimpressed by the BBC’s coverage, with many reportedly turning to the Cherwell live blog for Boat Race coverage.

3:59 The men’s reserve race, unlike the women’s, ends in favour of Oxford.




3:38 The reserve crews are still battling it out.



3:35 Oxford celebrating under Chiswick Bridge.


3:33 Oxford win the women’s boat race. Cambridge still pushing strong, despite having nearly sunk.

3:32 Meanwhile…

3:28 Live on BBC, “There’s a good chance this Cambridge boat might not make it to the finish line.” Oxford’s decision to head for the bank pays off as they secure a solid lead.

3:26 Oxford securing their lead now, and moving into the bank away from the middle of the river, looking for shelter from the wind and rough waters.

3:22 Oxford pull ahead for a moment, but the rough water proves too much for them to sustain the lead. Cambride still hanging on.

3:18 Both crews dangerously close to one another for a moment there. Oxford now almost a whole length ahead.

3:16 Looking promising for Oxford going through the bend round Craven Cottage – half a length ahead.


3:11 The women’s race begins!

2:49 Both the OUWBC Squad and CUBC reserve crews have now boated. Strong winds mean that Cambridge may have an advantage with heavier crews. 


2:43 Lightning along the Thames


2:42 Proof of how windy it is today. Let’s hope everything goes smoothly regardless of our typically bad weather!


2:39 The sun is shining in Mortlake now, thankfully! [mm-hide-text]%%IMG_ORIGINAL%%13249%%[/mm-hide-text]

2:36 Men’s blue boat crews arrive at the start line in Putney.



2:32 Just 45 minutes to go now until the start of the women’s boat race. Excitement building down at the finish line. Sky brightening up too.

2:28 The crew are preparing to push off. 



2:22 Tune into in 10 minutes for live coverage of The 2016 Cancer Research UK Boat Races


It’s very windy on the Tideway today and conditions are likely to prove tough for both crews. Cambridge, as the heavier crew in both the men’s and women’s blue boat races, should be in a better position to weather the wind and rain.



2:02 In other news, our Varsity Football match has reached half time point. Oxford are leading 1-0. 

2:00 Thunder has been heard at the finish line!




1:34 Oxford win the toss and choose Surrey station. Cambridge will take Middlesex. This is looking to be advantage for Oxford round the first bend. 

1:10 The Boat Races Official Twitter Channel 

12:10 More than a quarter of a million people are expected to be present at the Oxford vs Cambridge annual boat race this afternoon along the River Thames. The race will begin at Putney Bridge travelling on to its midway point at Hammersmith, through Barnes and finishing at Chiswick Bridge. 

The women’s race is due to start at 3:10pm and the men’s following at 4:10pm. 


Image: The Telegraph

Oxford crew Mens

  • Bow: George McKirdy (27yrs / 190cm / 76.8kg / Teddy Hall)
  • 2: James White (19yrs / 187cm / 87.0kg / Christ Church)
  • 3: Morgan Gerlak (23yrs / 185cm / 85.8kg / Keble)
  • 4: Joshua Bugajski (25yrs / 194cm / 96.4kg / Keble)
  • 5: Leo Carrington (25yrs / 189cm / 87.0kg / Kellogg)
  • 6: Jørgen Tveit (20yrs /194cm / 82.4kg / St John’s)
  • 7: Jamie Cook (23yrs / 188cm / 84.0kg / St Cross)
  • Stroke: Nik Hazell (23yrs / 199cm /94.8kg / Christ Church)
  • Cox: Sam Collier (20yrs / 170cm / 56.2kg / New)

Oxford Crew Women

  • Bow: Emma Lukasiewicz (24yrs / 174cm / 60.4kg / Hertford)
  • 2: Emma Spruce (23yrs / 178cm / 72.0kg / Wolfson)
  • 3: Joanne Jansen (23yrs / 180cm / 67.0kg / New)
  • 4: Ruth Siddorn (20yrs / 181cm /75.2kg / Keble)
  • 5: Ëlo Luik (27yrs / 186cm / 78.2kg / Wolfson)
  • 6: Anastasia Chitty (22yrs / 175cm / 71.0kg / Pembroke)
  • 7: Maddy Badcott (20 yrs / 178cm / 74.8kg / Wadham)
  • Stroke: Lauren Kedar (20yrs / 178cm / 65.6kg / Exeter)
  • Cox : Maddy Baynham-Williams (21yrs / 167 cm / 60.0kg / Oriel)

Cambridge crew Mens

Felix Newman Bow, Ali Abbasi, Charles Fisher, Clemens Auersperg, Luke Juckett, Henry Hoffstot, Ben Ruble, Lance Tredell Stroke, Ian Middleton Cox

Cambridge crew Women

Ashton Brown, Fiona Macklin, Alice Jackson, Théa Zabell, Daphne Martschenko, Zara Goozee, Hannah Roberts (P), Myriam Goudet, Rosemary Ostfeld Cox


11:50 Our Sport Editor, Aigerim Saudabayeva, has already taken up her spot by the Thames. Around 250,000 spectators are expected to watch the Boat Races today. Make sure you get down there early to secure a prime spot!



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