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Too Many Man at The ISIS rave

The ISIS has revealed that police were called on Wednesday night to help manage queues at their ‘Grime and Punishmentevent at The Cellar, preventing anyone from entering or exiting the club for a period of around 15 minutes. 

On a night that The ISIS had promised to present “the most punishing beats, the Biggest Bangers and the Best of the underground, from both sides of the pond,” things are reported to have got out of control. 

Despite the long queues outside and reports of cramped conditions in Frewin Court outside The Cellar, The ISIS reports that the event never reached full capacity. One of the clubbers, a second year historian from University College, described the relative calm inside the club, telling Cherwell, “In my experience, loads of Burning Down the house nights were much more packed. It was by no means full. I had a good time, I think, because I got into the club early on.” 

Amongst those who did not make it into the club night, there appears to have been considerable frustration with the event’s management. One Facebook user posted on the event’s Facebook page describing how the night was “a waste of a pinger.” 

Responding to criticism over how the night was conducted, The ISIS posted on the event’s page that, “We are aware of the problems in the queue last night, and we were deeply concerned by the situation in the lane outside Cellar, where conditions for those queueing were unacceptable. We will continue to listen to those coming forward with concerns about the situation on the door.” 

Looking to the future, The ISIS stressed that, “We are in discussion about several ideas, including advance ticketing, roped access to the alleyway leading to Purple Turtle, and asking Cellar to provide additional security at their future events. 

“If our concerns and requests for further security in future are not taken into account, we will consider suspending any of our future events from being held at Cellar.” 

The night was positively received by a number of students. Harry George, a Merton student, for instance, stated that he “bloody loved” the night. 

And in the words of second year Trinity linguist, Alec Fullerton, “If you pardon the pun, it was a somewhat grime-y evening.” 

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