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#MustRhodesFall Live

21:50 – And that’ll be all from us at Cherwell HQ as well – look out for the video and a summary article soon. Thanks for following with us this evening! 

21:48 – The Union provides a photo of the ending:

21:46 – RMF aren’t giving anything away about how they feel:

21:45 – According to Cherwell reporters, the debate is done – they’re heading to the bar, and we will stick around for a short time to capture the mood afterwards.

21:39 – Our counterparts in Cambridge haven’t got quite such a busy evening…

21:36 – In other news:

21:35 – Not that it’s helped her case…

21:32 – Canon doesn’t approve of Qwabe’s reasoning:


21:31 – And he concludes his defence with a flourish:

21:29 – For those who didn’t know, Lord Curzon was (amongst other things) a prominent Edwardian Conservative and Viceroy of India. Here’s Qwabe defending himself against his personal detractors:

21:27 – Still the questions come:

21:25 – More questions coming in now, here’s a response to one on the effects of the RMF debate:

21:24 – But RMF is not convinced by his earlier point on fabrication…

21:23 – Professor Biggar replies to the Hitler comparison (see quite a long way below):

21:21 – Ntokozo Qwabe doesn’t approve of Biggar’s remarks…

21:20 – But that doesn’t stop him making another bold claim:

21:19 – Professor Biggar, as he sums up his views, has an observation:

21:14 – Has Professor Beinhart (along with Indiana) found a solution?

21:13 – Indiana Jones gives his two cents…

21:10 – Another unequivocal statement from the floor:

21:09 – Our fellow tweeters at RMF choose their favoured quote:

21:07 – Qwabe, responding to another question, makes a more philosophical point:


21:03 – As the questions from the floor continue, one audience member says it how it is…

21:02 – Professor Biggar continues:

21:00 – Nigel Biggar returns to the floor, now talking about what the statue represents:

20:58 – In response to a question about whether the removal would limit free speech:

20:55 – Just to sum up so far, we’ve had around 10-15 mins of question and answer, during which time we’ve heard we need the statue to shout at it, and RMF are not ok with just contextualising the statue. Stay with us!

20:54 – Moving back to Qwabe

20:52 – 

20:51 – 

20:49 – 

20:47 – Things seem to be getting rather heated…

20:45 – I’m guessing we won’t find out about the survey, but in other news:

20:44 – 

20:43 – The moment of truth…

20:41 –  Lindsay Canon ends with clarity:

20:40 – Early contendor for our Metaphor of the Night prize:

20:39 – RMF aren’t impressed…

20:38 – 

20:37 – 

20:36 – Professor Biggar starts with a bang…

20:35 – Beinhart continues:

20:34 – 

20:33 – Now it’s Professor Beinart’s turn:

20:32 – 

20:31 – And another!

20:29 – 

20:28 – Our third speaker takes the floor:

20:27 – 

20:25 – Now Yasmin Kumi takes over:

20:24 – 

20:23 – 

20:21 – Ntokozo Qwabe begins:

20:20 – Cherwell’s Mark Barclay explains all:

20:19 – At last!

20:16 – A selection of tonight’s speakers:

20:13 – No news yet, but…

20:06 – Cherwell reporter to John Simpson: “Are you Lord Patten of Barnes?”

             John Simpson: “I’m not the chancellor, so far as I know…”

20:00 – The tweeters are ready:

19:58 – The chamber is full:

We have now reached capacity – we hope that everyone enjoys the event! Make sure to follow our Twitter feed for live updates throughout the evening @OxfordUnion â€ª#‎MustRhodesFall‬

19:55 – Near two Cherwell reporters…

19:45 – In case you’d forgotten:

19:36 – We’re ready to go!

19:33 – The latest from the Union:

There are still seats available but we are getting close to capacity – make sure to get here soon so you don’t miss out!

19:27 – In other news:

19:21 – The next best thing is here!

19:13 – In case you weren’t aware…

Less than 2 hours to go! The queue is only just starting to form, and there are still at least 250 seats (a majority) available in the Chamber for those without tickets. If you do have a ticket, please make sure you have taken your seat by 7.30pm at the absolute latest, or your place will be given to someone else in the queue. Don’t miss the opportunity to have your say on this most significant of topics! â€ª#‎MustRhodesFall‬



Wish you were at tonight’s Must Rhodes Fall debate? Couldn’t get a ticket? Cramming an essay? Enjoy the Oxford Union debate online, on Twitter and from the comfort of your own home this evening. Event starts at 8pm.

To get involved in the debate yourself,  tweet us @Cherwell_Online or use the hashtag #MustRhodesFall and we’ll publish the best of the bunch on here.

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