The results of yesterday’s Oxford Union elections have been announced.

The current Librarian, Robert Harris, New College, has been elected President for Trinity term, with current Secretary Ssuuna Golooba-Mutebi as Librarian-Elect, Nikolay Koshikov as Treasurer-Elect and Henna Dattani as in-coming Secretary for Hilary 2016.

The results were announced at around 5am this morning.

The top four positions were all elected unopposed with it also being a particularly successful night for their election slate, which saw all of their candidates elected except for two Secretary’s Committee member hopefuls.

On Saturday of Eighth Week, Stuart Webber will take over from Charlie Vaughan as President for Hilary term, following his elction victory in June 2015.

The results: (Those elected in bold, with first preference votes shown)


Robert Harris – 957 

RON – 129 



Ssuuna Golooba-Mutebi – 932

RON – 104



Nikolay Koshikov – 882

RON – 120 



Henna Dattani – 870

RON – 102


Standing Commitee:

Ellen Milligan – 187

Jaskaran Rajput – 183

Edward Grigg – 181

Frances Varley – 171

Tycho Onnasch – 161

Harrison Edmonds – 103

Elizabeth Webb – 89

Osuobeni – 72


Secretary’s Committee Hilary 2016:

Jensen – 114

Watson – 93

Kitchen – 91

Hopkins-Powell – 89

Stonehill – 83

Al-Yasiri – 81

Banerjee – 80

O’Sullivan – 78

Jonas – 66

Eva – 57

Dillistone – 49




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