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    Boycott Israeli Macbooks?

    The note, written by student Ed Klinger, pointed out the irony of a ‘Boycott Israeli Goods’ sticker on a Macbook, which uses a flash storage system designed by Israeli technology firm Anobit.

    Klinger, however, was quick to assert that his motivations were strictly apolitical. He posted on Facebook shortly after, “Having just accomplished one of my life-long goals (the Facebook Millennium) I feel the need to point out that my recent upload was intended as a funny observation and nothing more.

    “It wasn’t designed to convey any political allegiance to Israel, against Palestine, or anyone else; it was merely to highlight the hypocrisy of a hilariously placed sticker.

    “I say this because I’ve been contacted by a bunch people and even been featured on international websites which unfairly infer my political beliefs from a single image.”

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