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Jedward come to Oxford

John and Edward Grimes, better known as ‘Jedward’, were in Christ Church on Wednesday morning.

They were filming their new TV programme, ‘Jedward’s Big Adventure’, to be aired in January.

Once they’d finished filming they went over to watching students, took out a hand held video camera and started asking them questions such as which subjects they took, what they thought was the best thing about Oxford and why no one is allowed to walk on the grass.

One second year History of Art student who was pictured with John, commented, “John grabbed me by the waist in noticing we were wearing the same coat, and said I was his ‘Oxford girlfriend’. Upon leaving, he shouted ‘Bye Oxford girlfriend!’, blew me a kiss then proceeded to do a cartwheel! They were lovely.”

Jake Downs, also pictured with Jedward, added, “They were really sweet; clearly the fame hasn’t gone to their heads. Certainly one of the most surreal moments of my time in Oxford so far!”

Jedward are famous for their stint on the ITV show ‘The X Factor’, and for representing the Republic of Ireland twice at the Eurovision Song Contest.

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