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The OUSU Team: Sarah Pine

Can you tell us a little bit about your role at OUSU?

My role in OUSU is about tackling sexism and inequality. Women are constantly failed during their time at Oxford; neither colleges nor the central university do enough to tackle gendered issues like harassment, sexual violence, academic provision, and student carers.

In what sort of situation might you be able to help the average undergraduate?

There isn’t really an ‘average student’, but I’m able to help out with lots of common issues. I run lots of skills and issue training through OUSU, lots of it through our campaigns. If you’re interested in gaining the skills to make change in your community, then do email me ([email protected]).

What do you think is the best thing about being a student in Oxford?

There being such a strong sense of community. Colleges, OUSU, and other groups I’ve been involved with have really formed my time at Oxford. Becoming rooted in these networks has made me feel grounded and involved in Oxford. It’s been great!

And the worst?

Probably the fact that 1 in 4 women students are sexually assaulted during their time at university, harassment is an everyday experience for lots of women, and yet the structural support in Oxford is completely lacking.

What is the one memory of your time in Oxford that best sums up the experience?

Probably blagging my way through every tutorial in Trinity 2012 by relating the topic to gender (however tangentially) to mask that fact that I spent all my time co-ordinating Slutwalk with the rest of the Women’s Campaign. It was a fairly good reflection of how I prioritised my time as an undergrad. (Wouldn’t recommend . Do your reading. It’s important.)

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