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Harris Manchester razor blade warning

Harris Manchester College has warned fellow JCRs about a potential danger from a razor-wielding bike vandal.

Christopher Rawlinson, JCR Secretary at Harris Manchester, emailed other college JCRs late yesterday evening. 

“Just a quick message to let you know that a student at Harris Manchester found a razor blade embedded in his bike seat this evening when he went to collect his bike from a rack on Mansfield Road.


“Hopefully, this was an isolated incident, but given how seriously the student could have been injured if he had used the bike, it might be worth forwarding an email on to your JCRs.”

Several JCRs have yet to forward on the email to their members. “If it is an isolated incident as it appears so far then there seems little reason to scare people, including new freshers”, said a JCR executive officer at one college which had not forwarded the email. 

Other colleges, included St Peters, did forward the message.

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