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Brasenose sports and arts dinners under threat

The future of the Sports and Arts and Societies Dinner at Brasenose College has been put into question this week.
An email sent around Brasenose’s JCR stated that the Dean has called for “radical alterations to the dinners”. The email further states that the Dean “believes that the current management of the dinners has been problematic” and that “the cost saved from ceasing the dinners could  be used more effectively elsewhere.”
It also stated that the Dean felt that the dinners “do not fit in the College’s core activity and academic reason for being.”
This year the Sports dinner cost £2,260 (£18. 38 a head), while the Arts and Societies Dinner cost £1,821 (£15.18 a head).
The Dean has proposed to stop the dinners and use the money to support sports and arts practically instead. He also suggested that the dinners should be paid for by attend the dinners in the future.
The email asked students to contribute to the discussion and send in their opinions about the Dean’s proposal, and whether or not the dinners should continue or not. 
James Blythe, Brasenose’s JCR President told Cherwell, “Brasenose is currently consulting on how best to spend the money allocated to supporting the arts and sport in College. There is no question of reducing that money and no decisions have been made. The JCR President and Vice President, having organised a consultation for JCR members, will be closely involved in decision making, along with the Fellows who have responsibility for Sport and Arts, and the Dean.”
In response to Cherwell’s enquiries into the planned changes an email was sent to Brasenose sports captains by the JCR Sports Reps. It asked students “You may be approached by the Cherwell asking for your view on the future of the Arts/Sports Dinners… and I would like you not to comment on it to any journalist until we have had a chance to talk about it.”
The email continued, “We are not trying to stifle the press or to prevent anyone commenting, but no one yet has enough information to comment usefully, and our priority must be preserving our ability to negotiate effectively with College, so we urge you not to speak to any of the several reporters who it would appear are sniffing around this situation.”
One Brasenose student, who wished to remain antonymous, commented, “I’m sure a compromise can be found between those who want to retain the dinners and the Dean’s obvious good intentions in wanting to free up money to invest in sports and arts.”

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