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A guide to dating posh girls: Article removed

We have decided to remove the article that previously occupied this page. However, this is not a response to the accusations of plagiarism or misogyny. In our view this piece was attempting to satirise the misogynistic (and, indeed, misandrist) ‘how to…’ dating guides that pervade the mainstream media. However, this tone was perhaps not conveyed as well as it should have been, and if it caused any offence then we are very sorry. As a student newspaper, the views of our readers matter to us enormously and this is a contributing factor in the removal of this article. 

Our website is currently being viewed by a large number of students coming to the University for the first time in October, and we have removed the piece largely because we would hate for a misunderstanding of the piece to lead to the belief that stereotypes of the kind Tom is satirising are a part of Oxford life or that misogyny is something that is accepted by the University or its students.

Nonetheless, we do not want to simply clamp down on the issue. In due course we will be posting articles that express alternate perspectives on this very pertinent issue of Oxford stereotypes and how we, as students of the university, deal with this. 

The removal of the piece is no reflection of our views about its author. 

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