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Monday, June 27, 2022

Man arrested for knocking woman off her bike

A 42 year old man has been arrested after a cyclist was knocked off her bike in Cowley. The 25 year old cyclist was struck by a brown Jaguar heading towards the city centre. The collision happened near the Hobgoblin pub on Cowley Road on Saturday February 11th at around 8pm.

The driver failed to stop after the crash, and Thames Valley Police have arrested him on suspicion of driving while unfit through drink. He has been bailed until March 11th.

The cyclist suffered cuts and bruising and was taken to the John Radcliffe Hospital as a precaution for possible back injuries.

Georgina Brooke, of St Hilda’s, who was also knocked off her bike recently, told Cherwell that the problems cyclists have on Cowley road are due to a number of factors. “There are lots of traffic islands which are supposed to control the flow of traffic, but motorists try to overtake cyclists through these traffic control measures. There are also a number of pedestrian crossings of all types, as well as a lot of side streets. Also, pedestrians sometimes pose a hazard.”

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