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Sunday, June 26, 2022

John Evelyn

It came as some surprise to Evelyn to learn this week that a stalwart of good manners and solid behaviour, Union Treasurer Huw ‘Hugsy’ Lloyd (Hertford) was embroiled in an unusual affair at the weekend. He went off on his annual jaunt to Badminton and ended up at Mark Tomlinson’s party. All seemed to be going swimmingly well, until a dispute arose concerning the previous afternoon’s affairs. A fight with Sam Brodie (Trinity) ended up with them quite literally swimming. After much madness in the pool they wandered around clad only in their boxer shorts looking for others to dunk. The unintoxicated few had made themselves scarce, and so Hugsy decided to push a car in, unfortunately he chose the wrong car: Prince Harry’s heavies removed Hugsy and drove him home. Motoring mishaps do not end there. Evelyn would like to suggest that Ed Tomlinson (Caligula) is never again put behind the wheel. One can forgive Eddie T for speeding the OUCA minibus on the way to Ascot and being caught by police cameras. After all, the vehicle was full of loons including the mad vicar. But it was a most unbecoming pratfall for Tomlinson to crash the Union minibus while delivery the slight Termcard. To make matters worse, the poor chap was interrupted when pleasuring one of the seccies in the Secretary’s office at the end of President’s Drinks. Send guesses to the usual address. Commiserations to VP-Barry, who surprisingly lost the local council seat in Epsom he was running for, despite the campaigning ‘help’ from minions Lomax and Bennett. Evelyn was most amused to hear that one publican canvassed by Bennett said that he was voting for Sullivan “because he looks more likely to get rid of the blacks”.
ARCHIVE: 2nd Week TT 2003

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