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Cherwell is recruiting

We are now accepting applications to all positions for Michaelmas Term 2015 - send us your applications by 9pm on Monday 15th June
Editor on Wednesday 26th November 2014

Cherwell is recruiting!

This is your chance to be part of the prestigious and proudly independent student newspaper, following in the footsteps of past contributors such as Owen Jones, Evan Davis, Graham Greene and WH Auden.

We are recruiting for Section Editors, Deputy Section Editors, News Reporters and contributors.

[To download application forms from the link, click File > Download as > Word Document]

Apply to be a Section Editor

Apply to be a Deputy Section Editor

Apply to be a News Reporter

Apply to be Broadcasting or Photo Editor

The deadline for applications will be on Monday 15th June at 9PM, and should be sent to

Or, if you're completely new to it all and want to test the waters before diving in, become a contributor by emailing the editors of the section you are interested in (see below in the editorial job descriptions). Equally, you are very welcome to apply for editorial roles with no prior experience. 

Cherwell is also looking for a Puzzles Editor, cartoonists, illustrators, and photographers – all interested contact

Candidates will have a short, informal interview with the editors. Interviews will be held during 8th Week.

Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for recruitment updates and news.

Our Business team is also always looking for new recruits. Cherwell provides some of the best business experience in Oxford and provides excellent preparation for any media, consulting or banking career. We'll train you on all relevant parts of the business and teach you to raise £10,000 independently. Email to express interest.

Editorial job descriptions


News reporters are responsible for sourcing, researching and writing news stories, scouring the university and the town for the issues that matter. It’s a unique chance to discover the inner workings of Oxford life. In the last term alone, Cherwell has uncovered a commercial sponsorship scandal at the Union, reported Catz JCR's stuggle for independence, and investigated bouncer violence. It's very easy to get involved in the News section (and you can still contribute to other sections of the paper too): just fill in the quick form above, come to an informal interview, and you can be at the forefront of student journalism (maybe even literally on the front page).


The Comment section has a well respected tradition of printing cutting-edge opinion pieces from students on a range of Oxford and national issues. Our best debates and opinion pieces are read around the University and online, regularly attracting several thousand hits.

Joining the Comment team also allows you to interview leading political figures. In the last term, Cherwell has interviewed former No 10 Chief of Staff Jonathan Powell, Channel 4 CEO David Abraham, Bill Oddie, and former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney – to name but a few.

If you’re passionate about a subject and want to share your views and spark debate, join us. You can be a Deputy Comment Editor even if you haven't written for us before - Deputy Comment Editors are intended to form a permanent core of reliable writers which can called upon regularly to write for the section. If you just want to write on an ad hoc basis as a contributor there's no need to fill out a form, just email


The Life section strikes a balance between serious, hard-hitting journalism and more light-hearted features. We've tackled the most serious issues affecting the lives of Oxford students in our weekly mental health column, 'Making Headway', and in this term's #notguilty campaign, which won national media attention.

The section also has more whimsical features, like our 'Creaming Spires' column and the famous Blind Date. In addition to this, reviews of all the best restaurants and bars in Oxford can be found in the pages of Life. 

We also have a Food & Drink page, which you can additionally apply to edit, or to write for. It features a wide variety of reviews and reciples, from the serious to the not so serious.  

Deputy Life Editors are intended to form a permanent core of reliable writers which can called upon regularly to write for the section. If you just want to write on an ad hoc basis as a contributor there's no need to fill out a form, just email


We are extremely proud of our Investigations section, otherwise known as C+. This is where some of the most in-depth, investigative journalism is done, tackling some of the biggest issues in Oxford today. This term, C+ has investigated, amongst other things, vacation residence, specific learning difficulties and women in academia. If you want to test the waters of investigative life before becoming completely in charge of it, apply for Deputy Investigations Editor. 


Culture is our largest section, with pages dedicated to Film & TV, Stage, Music, and Art & Books. We’re one of the first ports of call for reviews of all the student plays, as well as all the other cultural delights which Oxford offers.

You'll be able to meet some of the biggest cultural icons, too. Recently, Cherwell Culture has interviewed Lil John,  Sir Ian McKellen and Nick Jonas.

If you'd like to edit the whole Culture section, fill in the Section Editor form. If you'd like to be in charge of one of the individual Film & TV, Stage, Music, or Art & Books pages, please fill in the Deputy Section Editor form. If you would just like to contribute to Culture occasionally, there's no need to fill in a form — please just email expressing your interest. 


Cherwell brings you the best fashion content in Oxford. See some of our recent content here. We have interviewed some of the biggest names in the industry from Alexandra Shulman to Caroline Rush and done shoots across Oxford. If you've got opinions on fashion and fancy being the next Sartorialist you can write for the section too.

Deputy Fashion Editors are intended to form a permanent core of reliable writers which can called upon regularly to write for the section and to help with the weekly fashion shoots. If you just want to write on an ad hoc basis as a contributor there's no need to fill out a form, just email


We report on many major sporting occasions in Oxford - whether your interest is rugby, swimming or lacrosse, there are opportunities for objective analysis of the big games, or not-so-objective match reports from those involved in college matches. This term we have showed our capability by covering Summer VIIs extensively through broadcasts and with special additional features in the paper. Get involved with the Sport section to continue this trend and expand high quality coverage to other sporting fields.

Apply to be a Deputy Sport Editor if you would like to be part of a permanent team of reliable writers which can called upon regularly to write for the section. If you just want to write on an ad hoc basis as a contributor you don't need to fill out a form, just email


You'll have seen Shark Tales, but did you know that Cherwell is the largest student broadcast operation in Oxford, producing several videos a week across News, Lifestyle and Culture?

If you have experience in production and editing, or are just keen to learn, then apply to join the broadcasting team.


Quality photography is essential for the whole paper: we pride ourselves on accompanying as many articles as possible with original and beautiful photos. We're always keen to see new people, whether your interests lie in journalistic photography, or more artistic material (though the two can intersect very well). Apply to be the Photo Editor (no prior editorial experience needed) if you want to edit our Photo page or simply email if you would like to get involved as a photographer.