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Street Style

Cherwell points its lenses to the streets, snapping the stylish in their sartorial best.
Eda Seyhan on Friday 10th October 2008

This is a lesson for those who aspire to an individualistic, anti-High Street style. I'm not quite sure what makes this look so idiosyncratic. Maybe it's the Pulp Fiction-era Uma Thurman hairstyle. Maybe it's just the tightly clutched copy of Kafka's The Trial. Most probably, it's the unusual accessories and the combination of colours. From the black boots and the mélange grey tee to the green G.I. Joe jacket and neon blue skirt, it all comes together in one distinctive, likable and effortless whole.

-Primark has been selling knock-off wayfarers for months now: it's time to find a new pairs of shades. For those not quite capable of giving up Ray Bans altogether, Clubmasters like these are the way forward.

-This skirt isn't American Apparel. Luckily for us, you can pick up an overpriced version in almost every colour in almost every American Apparel store!

- It's Luella, it's plastic, it's shiny and it's fruit-shaped. What is it? I have no idea. All I know is that it's the banana-flavoured icing on the cake of this outfit and I want one.

-Ah... the black suede shoes. Comfortable like Uggs, cool like 6-inch gladiator heels. The only catch is that they're a charity store find, so don't bother looking for them in Topshop.