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Films on Friday #1 'Herman and Harold: The Art Collector'

This brilliant stop frame animation, by Richard Keen, is the first entry in our new short film competition
Richard Keen on Friday 20th April 2012

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'Herman and Harold: The Art Collector', the latest in a series of the duo's adventures, is the result of many hours of careful work; if you would like to find out more about Richard's creative process, take a look at the website (

Keep an eye out for a new short film every Friday and vote for your favourite at the end of term. Every film is completely student-produced and the competition will showcase the wide range of talent and creativity amongst our budding filmmakers. 

If you would like to enter 'Films on Friday', or have any questions about the competition, contact The seven best entries will be broadcast on the website on Fridays and the winner will recieve a free membership to the Phoenix Picture House in Jericho, giving you loads of great benefits including free tickets and and programmes, discounts on food and drink and money off at resatuarants around Oxford. (See here for more details:

Even more excitingly, we can offer you an exclusive opportunity to have your work screened at the Picture House cinema. For this chance and to feature on a website with over 40,000 hits a week, get your entries in by Wednesday of 2nd week. Whether its comedy, drama, animation, documentary or anything else you can come up with, don't miss this opportunity to show off your work!