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Monday, February 27th

Exclusive: reports debunked, Varsity confirmed to go ahead

The Daily Mail had previously reported that the match was set to be cancelled

Head to Head: World XI

Karl Frey and Charlie Gould choose their Football World XIs

Sport Science: Is Protein good or bad for you?

Andy Frey discusses the science behind protein supplements

Jones’ toughest test yet?

George Mason disscusses the challenges facing England and their manager in the upcoming Six Nations

Cristiano Ronaldo: saint, not devil

Mohamed Eghleilib praises Cristiano Ronaldo and explains why CR7 deserved to win the 2016 Ballon d'Or

The beautiful face of 2016 sport

Karl Frey looks over the most heart-warming and poignant sporting moments of the last year

Head to Head: Kelechi Iheanacho vs Marcus Rashford

Laolu Ayeko and Sam Pace debate who is better out of the young talents of Kelechi Iheanacho and Marcus Rashford

Unlikely champions and unbelievable success: Cherwell’s top sporting moments

Despite its turbulence, 2016 proved to be a great year of sport

Mixed fortunes for Oxford in rugby varsity

The women's team won their match early in the day while the men's team suffered an agonising defeat

The fundamentals of sporting passion

Why is so much emphasis placed upon the relevance of passion in sport, despite its seemingly ever-present nature, asks Adam Hilsenrath

Pembroke appoints first-ever meme reps

Memes to encourage “college spirit” and “boost morale”

89th Academy Awards: Predictions

Oliver Barlow and Jonnie Barrow speculate which films will win big at the Oscars

Time-turners and doppelgängers: battling homesickness at Oxford

Nicola Dwornik talks about the difficulties of finding a true home within college walls

Who will represent France in a new world order?

Emily Dillistone assesses the presidential candidates in an election epitomising the trying times in Europe

An experience of Oxford Women Speak Out

Emily Beswick discusses using her time, and body, for activism