The fundamentals of sporting passion

Why is so much emphasis placed upon the relevance of passion in sport, despite its seemingly ever-present nature, asks Adam Hilsenrath

Oxford Ice Hockey Blues Triumph Over RAF in Charity Pre-Season

Oxford University Ice Hockey Club's team beat the RAF in an entertaining pre-season friendly in support of KEEN and the RAF Charitable Trust

The Promised Land

Until the early hours of Thursday morning – Chicago Cubs were the worst franchise in American sporting history. 71 years had passed since their...

Shots and Statistics

How far can we rely on statistics to tell the true story of football that so many will tell you are hidden from mathematical analysis?

The Beauty of Reserves Sport

College reserve team football is not exactly seen as the pinnacle of sport in Oxford. When the topic of sporting participation comes up and...

The State of English Management

The sacking of Francesco Guidolin, on his birthday, represents somewhat uncommon ground for Swansea City as of late. It is a club that saw...

The Sporting Don?

As discussed in my first column – Why does sport matter – ‘we (humans) always try to simplify, quantify and break down life.’ Sports...

Lessons from the World of Sport

With freshers and older students settling into term, we take a look at the lessons that the summer's sport outside of Oxford can teach to aid us during our university lives

The Dangers of Sport

How can we justify the unavoidable risk of sport to those who participate, and to those who are inspired by it?

The Myth of Momentum

In the modern age of radio talk shows, huge TV rights deals and more Sky Sports channels than one could ever dream of, pundits...

Profile: Gina Miller

Gina Miller has every reason to be fearful. Over the festive period, rather than Christmas cards and messages from well-wishers, the 51-year-old investment manager...

Through the Looking Glass: The ‘modesty’ of Alan Bennett’s Oxford

Susie Finlay explores the relationship between Alan Bennett's political views and his time at Oxford

PTSD rewrote me

Izzy Smith reflects on the way in which PTSD affects her life and her identity

Sport Science: Is Protein good or bad for you?

Andy Frey discusses the science behind protein supplements

Why Oxford should resist the NSS

The National Student Survey will have dire consequences for students, says Lily MacTaggart