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Thursday, January 19th

Vice-Chancellor Richardson Criticises RMF, Prevent

Professor Richardson says that the statue of Rhodes should stand and that Prevent program could be perceived as anti-Islamic

Facebook is good for you

Study indicates Facebook could have health benefits

Zero-emissions sports car developed

Oxford University has helped create a green sports car. 

We are reviewing the situation

Theatre criticism, unsurprisingly, offends pretty much everyone involved. The journalist who dares hint at any form of negative opinion is condemned for being narrow-minded...

Parker’s Party in the Parks

A sublime fourth-wicket partnership for Oxford on Monday saw off Cardiff ’s hopes of victory in the Parks after two days of edge-of-theseat action....

The Great Divide

Recent research has criticised Oxford’s access policy for lagging behind Labour’s targets for the proportion of state-school students admitted. But should the government be...

OUSU Gaza motion splits JCRs

JCRs have divided over controversial OUSU Gaza motion.

Albums: Siobhan Donaghy, Revolution In Me

Despite the release of two singles ‘Overrated’ and ‘Twist Of Fate’ (both included here), Ms Donaghy is probably still best known as the Sugababe...

In defence of the musical

Swing when you're winning, says Ash Barker.

Hertford pushes for Living Wage accreditation

Hertford JCR has sent an open letter in support of the college gaining accreditation to Principal Will Hutton, who wrote Observer article supporting Seattle increase in the minimum wage

Profile: Gina Miller

Gina Miller has every reason to be fearful. Over the festive period, rather than Christmas cards and messages from well-wishers, the 51-year-old investment manager...

Through the Looking Glass: The ‘modesty’ of Alan Bennett’s Oxford

Susie Finlay explores the relationship between Alan Bennett's political views and his time at Oxford

PTSD rewrote me

Izzy Smith reflects on the way in which PTSD affects her life and her identity

Sport Science: Is Protein good or bad for you?

Andy Frey discusses the science behind protein supplements

Why Oxford should resist the NSS

The National Student Survey will have dire consequences for students, says Lily MacTaggart