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Friday, June 23rd

Modern Manners: Internet Networking

Let’s face it, we’re all addicted to Facebook. I’m sure I’m not alone in checking my notifications just after I get up and just...

Wadham cox injured at Eights

Accusations fly over collisions during Summer Eights.

Oxford dons back strike action

Over 60% of voters in a ballot by the main union of academics supported industrial action

Christ Church breaks sanitation regulation by failing to provide bins

Students finally win proper sanitation bins after a year of fighting

Oxford pulls out of bid for city of culture

Oxford pulls out of bid for city of culture and enters race for Book Capital

Harvey the hero as Wadham collapse

he misfiring Keble XI finally registered a victory in the league in a topsy-turvy tussle with Wadham.Keble captain, Peter Bolton, won the toss and...

Visa proposals condemned

Higher education leaders attack government proposals for foreign students

Merton freshers forced to relocate following gas leak

Several Merton first years were moved into alternative accommodation after a gas leak was discovered on Merton Street last Thursday

Remote-controlled love song

An Oxford scientist, Professor Gero Miesenböck, has made female flies produce the male courtship song using remote brain control.   The brain control techniques, which Miesenböck pioneered 3 years ago, use a laser to trigger certain actions. The ‘song’, which flies make by vibrating a wing, is never produced by females, so the findings indicate an astonishing similarity in male and female fly brains.   “Anatomically, the differences are so subtle,” Miesenböck told the Telegraph, “How is it that the neural equipment is so similar, but the sexes behave so differently?”   Researchers suggest that fly brains may have a ‘master switch’ that determines male or female behaviour.

Stolen book sparks international dispute

A book worth £15 000 stolen from Christ Church Library has been found in Japan. The 1552 pocket edition of De Humani Corporis Fabrica...

Students reject move to end the wearing of scholars’ gowns

Students vote heavily against the proposed ban in OUSU poll

Oxford awarded Gold in controversial first TEF rankings

OUSU condemns "marketisation" after new rankings enable tuition fee increases

Opposition to scholars’ gowns detracts from a meaningful discussion about inequality

Thomas Munro argues that support for the new OUSU motion is born out of envy, not a desire for real change

OUSU launches student consultation on scholars’ gowns

Consultation by OUSU regarding the wearing of scholars' gowns in exams opens today

The science books that every non-scientist should read

Rosalie Wells lists the best science and medicine books to read this summer