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“At times refreshingly witty and sharp, and then lets itself down…”

Hugo McPherson is left questioning by 'Arseholes', a new play about Rimbaud and Verlaine

I need to sort my shit out

Hugo McPherson faces up to his secret sleepwalking habit

View from Northern Ireland: a caveat for the Conservatives

Daniel Xu discusses why the Conservatives should be wary of the DUP as their new political allies

Oxford exact revenge at Lord’s

Gnodde and Marsden ensure Oxford triumph at Lord's to avenge their defeat in the T20 last week

Students reject move to end the wearing of scholars’ gowns

Students vote heavily against the proposed ban in OUSU poll

Banning abortion by stealth is plain and simple misogyny

From Texas to South Sudan, the continued closure of abortion clinics and defunding of reproductive health is alarming evidence of continued misogyny in global public health

Oxford awarded Gold in controversial first TEF rankings

OUSU condemns "marketisation" after new rankings enable tuition fee increases