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Wednesday, May 25th


The NUS isn’t working – and it won’t anytime soon


Brexit at the Blavatnik: debate review

Antonio Gottardello believes vibrant discussions on the EU are the key to making the referendum a positive event, regardless of the actual result



Review: Florence Foster Jenkins

Thomas Player was left feeling warm inside, despite the ear splitting singing

It was only I who made this

Louis McEvoy discusses whether art is rooted in a source, or multi-faceted and accidental


A Peek at Pistol Shooting

David Robinson, of the Team England National Squad, gives Cherwell a look at the Oxford University Pistol Shooting Club

Athlete of the Week: William Szymanski

Cherwell Sport discuss the rising popularity of American Football in the UK with the Oxford Lancers quarterback

Athlete of the Week: Anne Kelly

Cherwell: Thank you so much for letting the Cherwell interview you. Let us start with a little bit about yourself. Helen has mentioned that...


Shops to try in Oxford

Alice Baldock introduces fresh options for shopping clothing, gifts and accessories outside of the chain shop heaven of Cornmarket Street

Set for Summer

The coming of May took Cherwell to the University of Oxford Botanic Garden to celebrate vivid spring hues