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Owen Smith pledges to abolish tuition fees

Labour leadership candidate plans to replace tuition fees with graduate tax of 1-2%, as Theresa May looks to reduce UK's number of international students


English after Brexit

Iweta Kalinowska, former intern at the European Parliament, takes a look at the future of English in the EU in the aftermath of Brexit

A Yank in the UK

Jacqueline Charniga, Senior News Editor at The Michigan Daily, recounts her experience as a visiting student in Oxford



Review: Treasure Neverland – Real and Imaginary Pirates

Ben Ray sets sail to find his ideal desert island book

Book review: The University of Oxford, a History

Ben Ray digs into this herculean history of the university, undertaken by Magdalen's own Professor Brockliss


Something to take away from Rio

Xavier Greenwood praises the Games' worldwide revelation of sport's benefits for refugees

Oxford climbs Greatest Sporting Cities list following United’s promotion

Oxford has climbed from 40th to 21st in ESPN and the University of Bath's 2016 rankings

Too bad we can’t have our own team

Looking at the latest news from Rio, Adam Hilsenrath reckons Oxford alone could have been 29th


Return to the Future

We collaborated with Bestival and the Tab in a futuristic themed fashion shoot #FancyDressFridays

To sell your face

Last summer, as fashion journalists covering the London Emerging Designer Awards, my co-editor and I thought that the halfway drinks reception would be the...