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Sunday, October 23rd


Self-harm prevention app launched by Oxford students

Self-Heal offers support for self-harmers through the use of positive images


Interview: Dame Anne Glover

"Politicians are still reluctant to acknowledge the [scientific] evidence when it doesn’t suit their philosophy and everybody loses when that happens."

Historic Mistake: Art History consigned to the past

Preserving the humanities is vital to future prosperity



Backstage with Claudia Graham

Sapphire Shoferpoor talks to Claudia Graham about production, funding, and reining in directors

A treasure trove of unrequited love

Unrequited love has become something of a hobby. I say ‘love’ for ease and aesthetics— ‘infatuations borne out of lust, boredom and having read...


The Beauty of Reserves Sport

College reserve team football is not exactly seen as the pinnacle of sport in Oxford. When the topic of sporting participation comes up and...

The State of English Management

The sacking of Francesco Guidolin, on his birthday, represents somewhat uncommon ground for Swansea City as of late. It is a club that saw...

The Sporting Don?

As discussed in my first column – Why does sport matter – ‘we (humans) always try to simplify, quantify and break down life.’ Sports...


Are corsets really sexist?

Kate Asquith and Catrin Haberfield measure the pros and cons of the corset

An OFW imposter

With Oxford Fashion Week upon us, Ebere Nweze weighs in on how to be an imposter in a room full of style experts