What is Cherwell?


Cherwell is the independent student newspaper of Oxford University, England. Founded in 1920 by students Cecil Binney and George Edinger, it has continued as a weekly publication during term-time to this day. Cherwell is named after a local river in Oxford and is published on Friday mornings when 3,000 copies of each issue are distributed around Oxford’s colleges, the Oxford Union and some local cafes. The staff of Cherwell, including the Editors, changes every term.

Cherwell.org is the newspaper’s website and has been running since 1996, winning a Guardian Student Media Award in 2011. The current version was launched in April 2016. In recent years Cherwell has made a strong effort to expand its use of different media with the introduction of video reports, features and podcasts.

Cherwell is managed financially by an entirely student-run company, Oxford Student Publications Ltd. (OSPL), who also manage the magazines Isis and Bang!. OSPL’s Board of Directors oversee the general running of the company as a business and the Board consists of former Editors and Business Managers of OSPL publications who are still students of Oxford University.

You can read more about the history of the paper here.

Recent Editors

Trinity 2017: Daniel Curtis and Tony Diver

Hilary 2017: Ellen Peirson-Hagger and Marianna Spring

Michaelmas 2016: Daniel Kodsi and Daniel Sutton

Trinity 2016: Harry Gosling and Tristan Upton

Hilary 2016: Henry Shalders and Tom Hall

Michaelmas 2015: Oliver Johnson and Tom Barrie

Trinity 2015: Tom Carter and Georgia Latham

Hilary 2015: Robert Walmsley and Luke Barratt

Michaelmas 2014: Samuele Volpe and Ella Richards

Trinity 2014: Max Long and Joe Iles

Hilary 2014: Rowan Borchers and April Peake

Michaelmas 2013: Nick Hilton and Anna Leszkiewicz


Hilary Term 2008: Laura Pitel and Tom Seymour

Michaelmas Term 2007: Sophie Manning and Peter Wright

Trinity Term 2007: Willa Brown and James Rogers

Hilary Term 2007: Ian Duncan and Catherine Rutter

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Michaelmas Term 2006: Paul Hinds and Alex Stewart

Trinity Term 2006: Emily Gosden and Kate Tolley

Hilary Term 2006: Andrew Dagnell and Jonathan Theodore

Michaelmas Term 2005: Luke Alexander and George Davies

Trinity Term 2005: Venetia Ansell and Daniel Bennett

Hilary Term 2005: Ben Coffer and Jack Fanning

Michaelmas Term 2004: Robert Crowe

Trinity Term 2004: Elaina Evans and Aled George

Hilary Term 2004: Rowena Mason

Michaelmas Term 2003: Hannah Charlick and Torsten Henricson-Bell

Trinity Term 2003: Waleed Ghani

Hilary Term 2003: Josh Goodman

Michaelmas Term 2002: Nicholas Randall and James Kettle

Trinity Term 2002: Niall Stewart (resigned) and Andrew Sutton

Hilary Term 2002: Marcus Edwards and Meera Sabaratnam

Michaelmas Term 2001: Jon Boone

Trinity Term 2001: Andrew Morris and William Shuckbrugh

Hilary Term 2001: Charlie Talbot

Michaelmas 2000: David McNeill and Jenny Finch

Trinity Term 2000: Andrew Alexander

Hilary Term 2000: Richard Colebourn and Michelle Teo

Michaelmas Term 1999: Matt Brindley and Chris Tryhorn

Trinity Term 1999: Tim Robey

Hilary Term 1999: Rachel Williams

Michaelmas Term 1998: Hadley Freeman

Trinity Term 1998: Louise Knowles and Alex von Tunzelmann

Hilary Term 1998: Ross Hawkins

Michaelmas Term 1997: Rishi Dastidar

Trinity Term 1997: Lindsey Harrad

Hilary Term 1997: Becky Lloyd

Michaelmas Term 1996: Chris Philp and Justin Huggler

Trinity Term 1996: Jat Gill and David Black

Hilary Term 1996: Lucie Whitehouse and Jeffrey Gettleman

Michaelmas Term 1995: Emma Brockes, Nick Mountfield and Conal Walsh

Trinity Term 1995: Dermot Canterbury and Paul J Taylor

Hilary Term 1995: Lucy Manning, Dov Waxman and James Tozer

Michaelmas Term 1994: Nadia Hall, Ilsa Godlovitch and James Erskine

Trinity Term 1994: Michael Peel and Ben Cohen

Hilary Term 1994: Nick Gibbons, Tom Penn, Chris Taylor

Michaelmas Term 1993: Oliver August, Niels Bryan Low, James Carter