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Tuesday, February 28th


Oxford iGEM team goes to Royal Society’s conference

Zoe Catchpole provides a summary of ‘Synthetic biology: does industry get it?’, with the global leaders of the new field speaking on bacterial perfume, directed evolution, and biocomputing

Is May following Trump’s model?

Samantha Novak worries that Theresa May is using the shock of Trump for her own isolationist agenda

Can we measure free will?

Profile: Chuka Umunna



‘We’re going to do it better than Braveheart’

If your schooling was anything like Tom Fisher's, who is playing Ross in this new production of Macbeth, you studied the Scottish play in...

Between the World and Ta-Nehisi Coates

Altair Brandon-Salmon on an autobiographical look at American racism


Sport thought: The growth of ‘Britball’

Tom Hartley discuss the growth of American Football and the NFL in England

A school of hard knocks in India for England’s cricketers

Hugo Murphy discusses the current state of English cricket and whether there is hope for the future.

Head to Head: The future of Arsène Wenger

Arsenal’s recent poor performances have reignited the debate concerning Arsène Wenger’s future as the club’s manager. Karl Frey and Sam Pace, two Arsenal supporters, argue for ‘Wenger Out' and 'Wenger In' respectively.


Rebels, romance, punk and fashion houses

Anoushka Kavanagh explores the subversive tradition of black clothing in history

Kawaii Couture

Street style in Tokyo is famous for bold fashion statements – Jasmin Yang-Spooner looks into the concept of kawaii in Japanese fashion