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Thursday, August 25th


Government report recommends Oxford to Cambridge expressway

The government’s Department for Transport has published a set of investigation results which explore possibilities of linking existing roads between Oxford and Cambridge via...


A Yank in the UK

Jacqueline Charniga, Senior News Editor at The Michigan Daily, recounts her experience as a visiting student in Oxford

A day at the races

John Maier reviews the recent glut of political leadership contests



Jonathan Evans: the Poké-MAN

Forget the Olympics. Last week, Oxford's own Jonathan Evans competed in the World Pokemon Finals. This is his story...

Poetry: One Hundred Red Kites

In verse, Harry Smith examines memory and sensation


Oxford climbs Greatest Sporting Cities list following United’s promotion

Oxford has climbed from 40th to 21st in ESPN and the University of Bath's 2016 rankings

Too bad we can’t have our own team

Looking at the latest news from Rio, Adam Hilsenrath reckons Oxford alone could have been 29th

Two Oxford Graduates win Olympic medals in first week

Constantine Louloudis wins gold and Tom Mitchell silver, as Oxford graduates perform well in Rio


Return to the Future

We collaborated with Bestival and the Tab in a futuristic themed fashion shoot #FancyDressFridays

To sell your face

Last summer, as fashion journalists covering the London Emerging Designer Awards, my co-editor and I thought that the halfway drinks reception would be the...