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Tuesday, January 17th


Sturgeon attempts to sell favourite horse

Tony Campbell with a Cherwell exclusive on Nicola Sturgeon’s plans for Scotland. Will Theresa May let history repeat itself?

What Labour can learn from Tony Blair

Aimee Reynolds gets to the crux of the matter: Blair and football



Writing winter from Shakespeare to Selvon

Ellie Duncan surveys the representation of winter in literature through the ages

Through the Looking Glass: The ‘modesty’ of Alan Bennett’s Oxford

Susie Finlay explores the relationship between Alan Bennett's political views and his time at Oxford


Sport Science: Is Protein good or bad for you?

Andy Frey discusses the science behind protein supplements

Jones’ toughest test yet?

George Mason disscusses the challenges facing England and their manager in the upcoming Six Nations

Cristiano Ronaldo: saint, not devil

Mohamed Eghleilib praises Cristiano Ronaldo and explains why CR7 deserved to win the 2016 Ballon d'Or



Inspired by PANTONE's 2016 picks, the editorial for Week 4 Michaelmas 2016 featured swatch-like compositions inspired by our favourite colours of the season.

Futuristic costumes for Romeo and Juliet

Lara Drew and Jasmin Yang-Spooner interview Hattie Morrison, clothing designer for RxJ, discussing avocado skins and subverting gender roles