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Monday, January 23rd


J-Soc condemns decision to clear OULC members of anti-semitism

Two members of Oxford University Labour Club will face no action despite reports of “cultural problem” towards Jewish students


Dr Nick Lane on the origin of life

Cherwell talks to the UCL researcher and popular science writer to investigate the media hype surrounding his ideas on life’s beginning

Yayha Jammeh refuses to leave the pool table

Tony Campbell with a Cherwell exclusive on the Gambia’s democratic crisis: a president who refuses to give up the table when he loses



Don’t mess with Artemesia

Oliver Baldwin explores the dark story behind Artemesia Gentileschi’s paintings of powerful women

Which film best represents your college?

In a three part special, Jack Allsopp explores the movies that reflect our homes away from home


Head to Head: World XI

Karl Frey and Charlie Gould choose their Football World XIs

Sport Science: Is Protein good or bad for you?

Andy Frey discusses the science behind protein supplements

Jones’ toughest test yet?

George Mason disscusses the challenges facing England and their manager in the upcoming Six Nations


Wavey Garms and stylistic revival

Ellie Siora discusses the rise of Wavey Garms, Generation Y's go to online retailer

Fashion and fitness: our unhealthy obsession with a healthy lifestyle

Anoushka Kavanagh looks at the implications of trendy activewear
"We’re exercising to look good, but not to feel good."