Brasenose graduate sues Oxford after not receiving a first-class degree

Former history student blames his 2.1 on poor teaching that blocked his career path


Labour: Richmond by-election’s biggest loser

Louis McEvoy argues the Richmond Park by-election shows Labour must adopt a clear position on Brexit

Perspectives on Gender

As part of our women's issue guest-edited by Christina Lamb, we asked Oxford women to write about their experience of gender in the University. Here are their responses.



“What matters is what you see”

Amy Booth deconstructs media ideals of beauty with a personal reflection on appearance and empowerment

Review: In the Republic of Happiness

James Lamming enjoys a sometimes stilted production of a difficult play


The fundamentals of sporting passion

Why is so much emphasis placed upon the relevance of passion in sport, despite its seemingly ever-present nature, asks Adam Hilsenrath

Oxford Ice Hockey Blues Triumph Over RAF in Charity Pre-Season

Oxford University Ice Hockey Club's team beat the RAF in an entertaining pre-season friendly in support of KEEN and the RAF Charitable Trust

The Promised Land

Until the early hours of Thursday morning – Chicago Cubs were the worst franchise in American sporting history. 71 years had passed since their...


Futuristic costumes for Romeo and Juliet

Lara Drew and Jasmin Yang-Spooner interview Hattie Morrison, clothing designer for RxJ, discussing avocado skins and subverting gender roles

Statement Pieces: Beth Kidd’s Mouse Bracelet

For Beth Kidd, a charm bracelet brings back memories of a trying time in childhood