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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Samuel Rutishauser-Mills

We need to begin talking about stress and anxiety at Oxford

Samuel Rutishauser-Mills talks to three students who intermitted for reasons relating to mental health

"Did your parents tell you to ask this?"

Samuel Rutishauser-Mills on landlords and letting agencies 'taking advantage'

"Increasingly unfriendly" environment at Jesus

Samuel Rutishauser-Mills spoke to a former Jesus employee about alleged bullying she experienced at the College

The hypocrisy of Bob Geldof

Samuel Rutishauser-Mills argues that the charitable good done by those involved in Band Aid does not excuse their tax avoidance

Interview: George Monbiot

Samuel Rutishauser-Mills quizzes environment journalist George Monbiot on the political challenges of environmentalism

Debate: Should the liberal elite be more tolerant of UKIP?

Samuel Rutishauser-Mills and Jamie Jackson debate how we should respond to the rise of UKIP

Humans, not Animals: The Persuasive Face of Green Movements

Samuel Rutishauser-Mills argues that environmental campaigns will only start to achieve momentum if they push the human dimensions of climate change

Middle-east media coverage must start counting lives equally

Samuel Rutishauser-Mills argues that the media coverage of the current Israel-Palestine conflict has falsely presented the crisis as morally ambiguous

Affirmative action: the embodiment of meritocracy

Samuel Rutishauser-Mills uses new scientific data to dispel the notion that income-based affirmative action schemes for university admission weaken a university's academic standing

We’re mute on the environment as we don’t know what to say

Samuel Rutishauser-Mills argues that we ignore discussions about the environment because we simply don't know enough

Media scaremongering over halal meat is absurd

Samuel Rutishauser-Mills addresses the recent 'scandal' of outing halal foods

Oxford storm to victory in darts UniCup

Samuel Rutishauser-Mills and Jonathon Turnbull tell of Oxford success at the oche

On immigration the media is failing to tell us the truth

Samuel Rutishauser-Mills explains how the failure of some parts of the media to report immigration stories fairly and proportionately has poisoned our political dialogue

Our privacy has a greater value than we realise

Samuel Rutishauser-Mills argues we need to take a second look at the state's dismantling of our privacy