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Return to the Future

We collaborated with Bestival and the Tab in a futuristic themed fashion shoot #FancyDressFridays

It’s no secret that the team at Bestival – an all-encompassing themed music festival on the Isle of Wight –  are fond of a bit of fancy dress. From world record attempts to unparalleled costumery and statement pieces, you know they are chomping at the bit for everyone to bust out the spandex and glitter.

In 2016 Bestival will head into The Future, pioneering a glamorous machine age that delivers entertainment at the speed of light. The Future is Bestival’s launch pad for a new experience, an odyssey of cosmic colonisation and nanotech clothing, forging a new collective consciousness. Enter a luminous dream world of parties on the moon, sonic adventuring, spiritual teleportation, transcendent holographic forms, everlasting gobstoppers and a blissful eternity. Immerse yourself in a universe like no other, where green fields roll into night skies, a virtual utopia where time has no boundaries and the spirit is free.

Check out #FancyDressFridays.

Photography: Richard Wakefield

Models: Chloé Delanney / Luca Farrer / Ollie Antcliff / Tobias Sims

Makeup: Phoebe Bradley

Creative Directing: Aini Putkonen / Roseanne Finn / Ella Harding

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